About us

LOUIS GWATKIN is a Savile Row trained suit & shirt maker.

His client list at his bespoke tailoring firm in Johannesburg included the who’s who of bankers, industrialists, lawyers, stock brokers, advertising executives.

And anyone who likes to dress well & with style.

Louis had retired to live in Cape Town.

 comment by a forum member on askandyaboutclothes.com Feb 8th 2006
[in Johannesburg] there is a very decent bespoke tailor & shirt maker called Louis Gwatkin. He has been known to be recommended by Kilgours. … an old Savile Row gent …”

david-elton DAVID ELTON loves good shirts – enough to decide to make them.

He’d been a client of Louis in Johannesburg and enticed the “old Savile Row gent” to a meeting.

Louis was adamant he’d retired.

Over a few generous glasses and much discussion, they agreed to make top quality men’s shirts.




dress-shirt Left, a dress shirt Louis made for David – 25 years old, still beautiful. (The shirt, that is.)