Customers talk

“At last, proper shirts available in South Africa” – Law firm partner, Johannesburg
“Take pleasure in telling London colleagues, my shirts are made in South Africa” – Merchant banker
“Many compliments, you’ve certainly stepped up my style”  – CEO of JSE listed company
“Quality amazing, bought a new sports jacket to wear with my Louis ii shirt” – Brand strategist, Johannesburg
“Give me any number of your shirts,  I’ll have customers for them all” – Lawyer and tax consultant, Cape Town
Various Johannesburg businessmen –
“Thrilled with my shirt.”
 “Thank you for these shirts and everything you and Louis do.”
 “Love them.”
“Thank you for the parcel of three shirts. I’m very happy”

People in the industry say –

“Obsessed with my Louis ii shirt” – Editor, mainstream fashion magazine
“Love this Louis ii shirt, I think I’ll never take it off” – a well known fashion blogger
“A very difficult shirt to make but wonderful to work with their beautiful fabrics” – owner of small Cape Town factory where our first shirts were  created.

…  and even our local competitors say –

“Wow, good quality fabric and excellent shirt construction.”
“This is superb quality fabric.”
“Our imported shirts sell for three times your price.  Louis ii shirts are much better quality.”